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Aldo & Gerhard

Gerhard Kracher

Since 2001, Gerhard began taking on more central roles in the management of the winery, and he was the key figure representing the wines at international events. At the same time, he gathered important experience from around the globe. Gerhard Kracher remains closely connected to the his native Seewinkel wine region, yet at the same time, he is a true cosmopolitan globetrotter who likes Californian cuisine and the way of life in southern France. He knows what he owes to the value of tradition in his home, yet he strives to keep looking forward. He is continuously on the lookout for new ideas, and is open to new trends and innovations. This is how the Kracher & Sohm project began, with Gerhard taking paths unknown, yet keeping it all in balance with the traditional.

Aldo Sohm

Aldo Sohm discovered his passion for wine and food at the age of 19, during a visit to a winery in Italy. He worked hard and rapidly went to collecting one award to the next. by working in a selection of prestigious restaurants in Austria and abroad. His career as a sommelier was rewarded with the coveted title of “Best Sommelier of the World” in 2008 – being the first Austrian to win this prestigious title. Since 2007, he has been Head Sommelier of the 3-star Michelin restaurant “Le Bernardin” in New York, where he won the “James Beard Award” in 2009 in the category of “Outstanding Wine Service” - the “Oscar” award for gastronomy. He is adventurous and creative with his food and wine pairings and the master over his cellar. Aldo is currently responsible for a magnificent wine cellar with over 900 wines and 15,000 bottles from twelve countries, and with vintages that go back as far as 1875. Despite his international career, he has remained ever faithful to Austrian wine, and the Kracher & Sohm project is helping him achieve this goal by making wines from his native Austria appealing and accessible to an international audience.